WRITER/DIRECTOR - Jeff Daniel Phillips

After graduating from the prestigious USC film school where he worked on numerous student films as both a director and actor he immediately started working in the film industry in many capacities, most notably as a full time, professional actor working with notables David Fincher, Conrad Hall and many more. After spending years on over thousands of sets Jeff was never comfortable just sitting on the side lines, he was constantly watching and studying every move of these film legends. Soon after he directed his first award winning short film "Hide" which premiered at The Rotterdam International Film Festival. He then started developing and writing his feature film debut OTIS E.


PRODUCER - Susan R. Rodgers

Susan has worked as a producer on over a dozen feature films including the critically acclaimed, psychological thriller "Dahmer" which was nominated for three "Independant Spirit Awards" including “best picture under a half million” which grossed over five million dollars in profits. She recently produced "Day on Fire" (starring Academy Award winning actress Olympia Dukakis and Martin Donovan) that premiered at this year's prestigious Toronto International Film Festival. She also co-produced the soon to be released, much anticipated, comic book turned live action film "El Muerto" (starring Wilmer Valderrama, Tony Plana and Maria Conchita Alonso).


PRODUCER - David Diaan

David Diaan is the founder of Sublime Entertainment and Adam Films. He wrote, produced and directed the heartwarming documentary, "Iran Is My Home", which premiered at the 2003 Los Angeles Film Festival and played at many others.  David was also Co-Producer of "America so Beautiful" which premiered at the 2002 Berlin International Film Festival and Executive Producer of "The Dog Walker" , winner of Best First Feature at the 2002 Cinequest Film Festival. David's first feature screenplay, "THE APOLOGY" , was winner of the Slamdance Screenplay competition. A popular Iranian radio and TV personality, David is also the producer and star of the theatrical play, "The 99 Cent Family" , which has enjoyed over 90 sold-out performances internationally and is still running strong.


CASTING DIRECTOR - Monika Mikkelsen

Monika has had a packed schedule with ten feature films about to be released within the next couple years including the 5 th installment of the "American Pie" franchise as well as cult horror director Rob Zombie's newest film. She worked as a casting director on Neil LaBute's "Nurse Betty" (starring Morgan Freeman, Renee Zellwegger, and Greg Kinear) as well as this summer's hit film from the Weinstein's company "Pulse" and Zombie's last feature "The Devils Rejects". She also worked on the Sundance hit "Love Liza" (starring Phillip Seymour Hoffman), Stuart Gordon's "King of The Ants", the Academy Award nominated film "The End of Violence" (starring Viggo Morgenson), "JIminy Glick In Lalawood" and more. Monika recognized Jeff's talents immediately and her passion for the script of OTIS E. have been unbridled.



Eric Leach graduated from Columbia college Chicago with a BFA specializing in cinematography. While attending school in Chicago he worked on several major studio pictures that where filming locally. Eric was one of the top cinematographers of his class and was asked to intern with former alumni Director of Photography Mauro Fiore (Smokin Aces, Training Day) on “Lost Souls” the directorial debut of Janusz Kaminski (Munich,War of the Worlds). In 1999 Eric Moved to Los Angeles to continue his career in the motion picture industry. After working in grip department on many of the biggest motion pictures made in Hollywood, Eric received a break when he was asked to shoot Second Unit Photography on the 2003 cult hit “Cabin Fever”. Since then Eric has gone on to shoot second unit and first unit on many other indie features (Living Hell, Otis E). Eric is currently shooting second unit on Renny Harlin’s new movie titled “Cleaner”.